During the day of our attitude we get pregnant and during the night we birth it…..

“When the sun shines our brothers breathe with strength but at night our sisters moan and cry….”

“When the dawn speaks our fathers argue when the dusk shouts their voice hides 6ft under”

When the morning comes the drunk drinks to suppress sight, lies, emotion, devotions and when nights comes they’re already half way through the gates of death as the liquor couldn’t suppress the supposed suppressed

When its daybreak mother runs to get the chores done when night they rest as corpse

The early morning winked and my home was filled with economy stability and the gods of the earth envied………                                                                          At noon they started to come in to purchase and with willingness of the earth I sold The night come and I went to rest for a beautiful day the next….

The morning smiled at me and I smiled back until the morning blurted out the blood filled colored sun

My houses economy had been swapped for lethal force when jan 15th stole my economy

And years through then I had to watch my own home crash and burn into depression dispensary and  a place where tears and complaint meet and happily feast on the eyes and mouth of my clan…..

A change in prayer in what thoughts me to ask…..                                                              The prayer has been seen but no tongue to confess it to the ears……

I see all this in the days and at night I sleep with a peace of mind and perspective of a pure bliss of a heartful being would be brought to life through fed ex to bring the economy and happiness once felt…. And my prayers goes thus


Lord all my friends has gone to fight

All my clansmen are hungry and covered in cuts of the heart sorrow of the soul…… As this pain hurts from within blurting out for a drop of water on lord to assuage this thirst of happiness……And if I die before this time I pray that lord my soul to keep within thee



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