Kwara State University, VC meets with the student to discuss on the trending issue of #stopextortionkwasu on social media.

These are the list of the VC agree to do for student



After rigorous agitations, lamentations and complaints by the students concerning the closure of portal, compulsion of hostel and extortion of students as claimed trending on social media, the Students’ Union decided to have a dialogue with the school to speak on behalf of the entire student. The dialogue was accepted, scheduled and held on 23rd of September, 2018.

*Various issues were discussed but the outcome can be summarized under the following agenda:
👉🏽 Portal Issues
👉🏽 Hostel Exemption
👉🏽 Hostel and Health Summit
👉🏽 Transportation
👉🏽 School Facilities Maintenance
👉🏽 Course Accreditation and Departmental Complaints

The Vice chancellor has promised us that the portal will not close on Monday, 24th of September, 2018 as regards to the countdown on portal and there will be extension of the present late registration with the same fee of #7,000 before another late registration is added and with the assurance that there will be notification prior to the new addition probably from #7,000 to #10,000.

The Vice chancellor made it known to us that the new portal is an in-house portal (i.e it was developed by KWASU CIT) so we just have to bear with them. Moreover, the CIT is planning to create an e-wallet in which students can save money bit by bit on the portal and use it to make other payments, pay for another session or collect it back if want a refund.

Also, if for one reason or the other any student want to defer, it should be done on time so as to retain your studentship. It is pertinent to note that some students won’t apply for deferment till the end of session or even till the beginning of another session, which is regarded as “voluntary withdrawal” and in the past such student will loss it’s studentship. In order to avoid that, this was what led to the emergence of late deferment which attracts the sum of 50,000.*

*The Vice chancellor made it known to us that there are 600 and 330 bed space left for male and female students respectively in the school hostel, so they purposely hold on the exemption so as to allocate all the bed space to all the students before rolling out the exemption. He buttress this fact by telling us that it’s a rumor of the fact that the exemption fee will be #30,000 and we are assured that exemption will be out anytime soon.*

The Vice chancellor made it clear in his statement that there will be a day in first and second semester of every session which will be set aside for Hostel and Health Summit. Hostel Summit will be for addressing students complaints as regards their hostels and Health Summit will be addressing issues as regards to clinic which will involve the Vice chancellor, Students’ Union and all Units head in concern.*

The school assure us that the school facilities will be maintained and put in place for the welfare of the students. Also the toilet in the school will be cleaned regularly and available for use during school period.*

The Vice chancellor assure us that there will be effective provisions for transportations for students, regularisation of prices, ensure discipline and conduct among drivers/motorcyclist and any one found wanting will be sanctioned.*

Also, Vice chancellor said he has approved 250million for buying of bicycle that will be parked at the school entrance and there will be a tag given to each student that will be riding the bicycle to school and lectures as this is also a means to reduce transportation cost and means to improve our finance.

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