If U are in a sophisticated area like BANANA ISLAND, here is how the ATM would communicate;
ATM: Welcome Mr. Adams.
-Please, enter your secret number.
-How much will you like to withdraw?
Thank you for banking with us, Mr Adams

….but if you are in a place like MUSHIN, here is how it will respond; After a guy inserts his card, inputs his pin,
ATM: Haaaaaaaaaaaa, Omo Iyami,
-tuale baba agba, owo meji fun eyan kan
-omo iya ma je ki won ri numba e…malogo
-se o wa pa?
Guy: Mo wa pa baje baje.
ATM: Elo ni k’omo aye po jade?
(guy inputs 10,000)
ATM: (dispenses cash).
Omo Iya, ma jeun lo ntie.

In a place like IJEBU
A woman inserts her card & pin
ATM: Omo alare,
-elo ro nfe gba?
(Woman enters N2,391.50K)
ATM: Pause for about one minute, trying to understand the digits. After about a minute, ATM replies,
ATM: Iya, ko te yii, Kimi shey wen ko m te nonsense number, afo koo te number, o m te coins, kii katikati. ATM. Vomits card, gba card re, ko ko oshi lo. ALARAKA

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