Aguleri vs Umuleri war.

This is disturbing. The crisis that erupted yesterday should be looked into and a lasting solution preferredThe incident from findings grew from a mere misunderstanding but overreaction of the youths of both villagesblew up issues according to an Elder who claimed it has since be calm learnt that pressure from displaced Aguleri Otu living across the River, who now evacuated back to Enuobodo in great numbers as a result of the war with the Igala people and insist on having land from those living in Enuobodo who are relatively a sister community.The resultant effect was an ultimatum mandating the elders to point at any undeveloped land belonging to neighbors, was told. An Elder insited that that is the genesis of the present crisis.Its on record that Aguleri & Umueri living in inland towns have been living peacefully and have no land dispute over themselves. records also have thatFor peace to rule, Umueri accepted half of proceeds from sale Aguakor land, which in 1955 was admitted by Aguleri elders not to be in dispute but belongs wholly to the Umuleri people….  


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