Ghollywood Actor John Dumelo is finally married. The actor got married to his girlfriend of two years whose name is Gifty Mawunya on Saturday, May 12, 2018, in the Spintex area of Accra, Ghana. The marriage which was a traditional one had celebrities both Ghanaian and Nigerian celebrities in attendance.

Some of these celebrities include Yvonne Okoro, Majid Michael, Ramsey Nouah, and Yvonne Nelson amongst others.
Earlier in the week Major female celebrities had a social media fight with tv personality Kofi Okyere Darko who in an instagram post wrote “Just got off the phone with my friend and brother John Dumelo… My brother’s actually getting married and I am invited! Unbelievable true oo!”
“Got me wondering why most men in the public eye settle for quiet/unknownn [sic] women and not the ones all over. That could be a lesson for some of our sister’s ooo. Men want women who can make a home and not be all over,”
Yvonne Okoro replied also in an instagram post “Kofi, @nineteen57bykod you could have congratulated the couple without needlessly denigrating other women. Who a man chooses to be with is a matter of personal preference and vice versa for women too. As you clearly believe that women should make all their life choices with marriage always being at the forefront of their minds, you should preach the same to men. I pray that young women would be raised to believe that they can achieve their dreams (working hard, and being KNOWN)and being also the perfect bride for some man one day, this goes for the man too.
PS-A quiet and unknown woman does not equate a happy and successful marriage. I know many KNOWN women that are working hard and are all over the place yet great wives and mothers too!!

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