Checkout Photos Of Drake’s Son Adonis

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Drake told the world, in his new album Scorpion, that he was trying to protect Adonis from the world – well now he’s here.

The images leaked late last night on social media, and we located the images. Adonis has a very fair skin complexion . . . and some online are saying that he baby is “White”. His mother Sophie, is 100% White and Drake is 50% White. So that means Adonis is at least 75% White – and maybe more(Depending on Drake’s father’s DNA makeup).

See photos of Drake’s son below

After speaking with a person close to Drake who tells us that Drake was “planning on introducing his son to the world.” The insider added that Drake has “already built a nursery in his home – and hired a nanny.” But the nanny hasn’t had a chance to see Adonis yet.

The insider says that Drake and Sophie are in the middle of a CHILD CUSTODY dispute, and that Drake is hoping to have court ordered visitation shorty

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